Ultimate Firearms Academy

Ultimate Firearms Academy does Proficiency Training for personal or Business use. From Handgun, Shotgun, Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine and Self Loading Rifle or Carbine. Our prices include registration by PFTC, training material, refreshments, ammunition and firearms.


Our Mission is not just to ensure that knowledge, skills and attitude of all learners who enter the UFA Training Program are of excellent quality but also to create a disciplined love for firearms.


Our Vision is to have the ITA courses and materials available to learners at the UFA Training Facility, and to uphold the standard of the ITA Team. And continue to being the marketing leaders in firearm training in South Africa.

Training Pricelist

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More about what Ultimate Firearm Academy offers

• Motivations on all firearm licenses
• Renewal of firearm licenses
• Supervision during shooting exercise
• Arms handling courses
• Self defense courses
• Home security courses
• Unaccredited training on firearms
• Accredited Training on Basic Handgun, Shotgun, Manually Operated Rifle, Self Loading Rifle
• Accredited training on Business Purpose Training on Handgun, Shotgun, Manually Operated Rifle, Self Loading Rifle
• Part of Legally Armed Agency.
• Tactical training
- Ultimate Firearm Academy

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Unit 15, Time Square
Central Ave 40
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